The O'Kane Family
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Welcome to the John O'Kane family web site. This site is open to all with interests in our family or to determine if our heritage may be shared with your family.  Are we related?  If you find a relationship, we ask only that you share it with the O'Kane family by sending e-mail to .

Special thanks to Helen (O'Kane) Adams, my cousin in Tennessee and her husband, Ray (below). These folks compiled the initial genealogical research which is a major part of this site and Helen wrote the family history as presented on the history page. Comments to these folks may be made to . Helen credits Lyle Schryver and the late Cynthia Kreder (both from the Polo, IL area) with important genealogical research for our databases.  

Click on the picture to transfer to the Adam's Web Site. Ray has a graphical representation of the genealogical information for the O'Kane Family on his site.